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Makeup trends are constantly changing, but one trend that has been around for a good period of time is the natural glow makeup trend! You have seen it all over TikTok and you have seen multiple YouTube beauty gurus trying to recreate this fresh, glowy look!

But what is the natural glow trend? 

This trend refers to applying as minimal makeup as possible, and applying it in a way that it looks clean, glowy, and fresh!

One thing that this trend does not highlight is that in order to have such a “clean” makeup look, your skin should be healthy and have a natural glow that the makeup will only accentuate.

How can you get that healthy shine?

Some people may have difficulty projecting a healthy glow, while others have difficulty maintaining that glow without it looking greasy and oily!

In order to simplify this process, we have created a 3-step routine that will help you achieve a clarified, blemish free, and glowy complexion!

  1. Get a Good Cleanser

Cleansers are essential as they are the first step of every skin care routine, so choosing the right one will help you get closer to your goals!

  • White Secret Exfoliating Soap: Use 2 to 3 times a week to help rejuvenate your skin by getting rid of dead skin cells, which will help you get that clear, clarified look.
  • B. Clear Soap: A 5 in 1 soap perfect for removing blemishes and unifying the skin tone.


  1. Don’t Skip the Sunscreen!

A common problem that people face is pigmentation and dark spots. That is why it’s necessary to apply sunscreen every day, winter AND summer! A product with SPF higher than 30 is recommended!

  • Elixir Light Cream: A highly moisturizing cream that will provide a protection of SPF45, keeping damaging UV rays at bay!

*Available as a cream tube for touch-ups on the go!

  • Precious Perfect Corrector Cream: A dark spot corrector, with an SPF of 50, that fades the colors of pigmented spots.


  1. Use Serums and Dark Spot Removers!

In order to get a skin free from all imperfections, you need to implement serums and DSRs into your routine!

  • Perfect Glow Serum and DSR: Packed with Vitamin E, these products have been specially formulated to deal with uneven skin tone.
  • Precious Perfect DSRs: A DSR for the morning, packed with SPF50 for complete protection, and a DSR for the night to give your skin proper treatment during your time of rest.


Implementing these steps will not only prepare you for this trend but for every other beauty trend that will follow!


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