How to Treat Dark Spots

Dark spots can be also classified as hyperpigmentation and/or age spots. They are defined by spots with a range of light brown to black in color. Generally, they are harmless, but their appearance can be annoying and bothering.

If you are struggling to obtain that silky smooth and unified skin tone because of dark spots, keep reading to find out what causes them and how you can eliminate them.


What causes dark spots to appear?

In order to solve a problem, we should first understand the root of it. Understanding what can cause dark spots would help us avoid them in the future and aid us in choosing the right product for that specific problem.

Dark spots occur when some areas of the skin produce more melanin than usual. Melanin is responsible for giving the hair, the eyes, and the skin their color. The overproduction of melanin could be in response to sun exposure (harmful UV rays), hormonal changes (pregnant women), and/or acne scars.

Now that we have an idea about what causes dark spots, we have gathered a list of preventions and solutions to help you fight dark spots, followed by some product recommendations:

  1. Wear SPF

As mentioned before, unprotected sun exposure can have drastic results on the appearance of dark spots. Applying SPF should always be the last step of your skin care routine regardless of your skin problems and of the weather.

Elixir Light Pure Radiance Cream is a hydrating cream with SPF 45, specially formulated to effectively control hyperpigmentation while carefully brightening your skin and nourishing it.

Elixir Light Specific Cream is a concentrated cream made with SPF 45 to help protect the most sensitive areas of your body (elbows, hands and knees) from harmful UV rays.


  1. Apply daily treatments

Adding a cream formulated specifically to fight and remove dark spots to your morning and evening routine is a great way to eliminate visible, undesired spots.

B.B. Clear Dark Spot Remover improves the appearance of skin and helps eliminate dark spots and sun damage for a younger-looking, silky skin.

Perfect Glow Dark Spot Remover is formulated with clinically proven ingredients to brighten your skin and treat pigmented spots.

White Secret Dark Spot Remover contains vitamin E to treat and remove dark spots and prevent their reappearance.

COCO Clear Dark Spot Remover combines rich coconut oil with clarifying agents to hydrate the skin and help reduce sun spots, resulting in a radiant, clarified and rejuvenated skin tone.


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